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  /  Jun-18   /  72 Hours Extension for Proof-of-Stake Token Distribution

72 Hours Extension for Proof-of-Stake Token Distribution

72 Hours Extension for Proof-of-Stake Token Distribution

Dear Cashaa Family,

We have an update on the announcement from 25 May (

We thank everyone in our community participating in this new milestone of distributing the Proof of Stake (PoS) award as part of the Cashaa token distribution process. Our system received many requests for updating ETH addresses from the CAS token holders to prove their stake. We also encountered several requests where users are still in the process to move their CAS tokens to a secure location before finalizing the ETH address to update their Cashaa account. Considering the safety and security measures of all our token holders, we are giving an additional 72 hrs to prove your stake and then start the 1st step of the 7 step monthly distribution process.

Please note: We love to help each CAS holder, but to conduct a timely distribution, we will not be able to entertain any new request to change or accept ETH addresses to prove your stake after 8th June 12:00 BST. Tokens will be distributed on the scanned address within 24 hrs after the PoS. Make sure you provide adequate time.

I have made a withdraw request from Hitbtc and it’s still not credited, what should I do?

We have given additional 72 hrs, and this is final. No request will be entertained on 8th June. So, please withdraw your token asap and give enough time to be within the cut-off time, we recommend at least 36–48 hrs.

I entered an ETH address and want to change again but do not have the option available?

ETH address update is a one time process and the same ETH address will be used for the next 7 months to check your ownership for the stake, so please be extra careful as no update is allowed once you locked it. No ticket request will be entertained for that.

I moved my CAS from my software wallet to Trezor/ hardware wallet but it is not reflected and still in network what I can do?

Please use the address which you want to submit for the ownership. Please give appropriate time to get CAS transferred to the new address. As we don’t control the Ethereum network we would not be able to help and if your tokens are not in the given address before 8th June, 12:00 BST you will be disqualified. So please give adequate time to transfer.

I bought tokens through Cashaa exchange, should I move it to my ETH address?

Yes, please move it to your ERC 20 address and link your address by creating an account on

No helpdesk ticket regarding an ETH address change raised on 8th will be entertained. So be very careful when you enter your ETH address and make sure you notify us at the latest by 7th June, 5:00 PM BST in case of an issue.

Important note as per legal and tax advise: The equal distribution will be done by the company to all the owners of CAS holders proportionately. So anyone who will register and prove the ownership on or before 5th June 12:00 GST will be rewarded 0.7 CAS for each CAS they own. This will not impact the number of tokens received by the holders, all the extra tokens required due to this amendment, if any, will be allocated from company tokens (not part of the 192 Million CAS).

Thanks for your ongoing support,

Team Cashaa
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