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CAS Price Analysis

Blockchain giant, Cashaa in a very short span of time established itself as a brand name in the banking industry. Team Cashaa led by a serial entrepreneur, Kumar Gaurav is focused on bringing the hassle-free, convenient, economical and much faster way of dealing with monetary funds. This objective is met by allowing users to store, save, spend, receive, borrow and get insured with local currencies and cryptocurrencies across the globe while promising a safe and simplified end user-end experience.

So far, Cashaa has been successful in its journey and is expected to become one of the biggest hit in the global finance market. Now, if we focus over the role that CAS token plays in the overall success of the firm we’ll end up to a question that How CAS token prices influence the Crypto-market? So, let’s have better insights into it!

What is CAS?

CAS is basically an EIP-20 token that is used as the main currency of Cashaa’s ecosystem. This utility token allows its holders to acquire premium services as follows:-

1. Trading in cryptocurrencies

The virtual currency has broken records of all sorts as people across the globe are slowly moving towards a Digitalized economy. There are some currencies which have gained immense popularity like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, CAS, etc. If we closely observe over this trend we will find that its rising price has made it one of the best investing entity and so people across the globe are trading in Cryptos keenly. To facilitate people’s interest, CAS is available for exchange against BTC, ETH, etc.

2. Credit score for lenders

CAS holders enjoy the privilege of lending CAS token to the needy and set a rate of interest of their choice. This provision lets users have better use and control of their monetary deposits.

Price Analysis!

Since we all agree to the fact that Crypto-market is highly unstable because of the reason that prices of Cryptos show unexpected fluctuations. Thus, investors who are seriously interested in making it a big-profit must remain updated with the trend that would allow them to make a wiser choice.

Focusing over the EIP -20 tokens, CAS that is used as the main currency of Cashaa’s ecosystem we’ll observe the following trend!

As per above trend, it is observable that, CAS which 0.039179 USD (as on July 10, 2018) is although fluctuating similar to other Cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP and many more, is expected to rise in the near future. If one is looking for a long-term investment then CAS would be a wiser choice. As per financial experts, it is expected that it will rise to 1 USD by the end of 2018 and if we observe on a long-term (say 5 years) prices are likely to rise to 3.5 USD.

Summing up these aspects we find that if one is looking for investment in Cryptocurrencies then CAS could potentially be a profitable investment option promising good returns in the fore-coming years! Thus, the introduction of CAS by blockchain giant, Cashaa is amongst the only few promising startups that are using blockchain technology to solve unique problems.

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