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Cashaa at Money2020

Cashaa at Money2020


Leading blockchain firm, Cashaa that is aspiring to make banking more profound, easy and convenient has been successful in being recognized globally by billions for its remarkable initiatives taken in the direction of “digitalization in the banking sector”.


Influenced by its revolutionary vision, Cashaa has been invited to the Digital industry leading event, Money2020 that is known for bringing up perfect coordination between technology, money and people to turn ideas into reality.


Money2020, where the focal point is payments, that is a cut-short tool in widening, perspective and bringing together visionaries and innovators from all over the globe who are inventing new ways to spend, manage, save, borrow, share and protect money over a single place. Further, it is the anchor event on the industry calendar where leaders, innovators, and disruptors unite to drive change and revolutionize the future of money.


This 4-day event promises to facilitate the right conversations and insightful learning experience. The Money20/20 stage sports an unparalleled speaker roster and an expansive set of cutting-edge topics. As the industry’s most esteemed platform for thought leadership, one will walk away with unique perspectives and insights on the ways the market is revolutionizing the future of money.


As for now, Kumar Gaurav, Founder and CEO, Cashaa will be participating in this high-impact networking event scheduled to be held from 21–24 October 2018 at The Venetian, 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USAThis 4-days event is all set to welcome 11,000+ attendees, 1,700 CEOs and presidents, and 4,500 companies from 85 countries. Here are the complete details for the agenda and below is the agenda of Kumar for this four-day event for better insights:-


Every edition of Money20/20 is a potent blend of people, tech, money and ideas that crackles with new potential. Considering all the aspects and in an aim to make this event more effective following agenda theme has been prepared:-

· New technologies and trends that are transforming the transfer of value

· How are open and mobile platforms reinventing money management?

· Next frontier for shopping, buying and selling?

· How will the financial services industry harness the mind-blowing opportunities — and address ethical challenges — as the lines blur between humans and robots?

· What emerging technologies and approaches have the potential to protect our most critical digital assets from an army of hackers and fraudsters?

· What innovative new models are providing consumers and small businesses greater access to credit?

· What are the tools, technologies and strategies world-class marketers embrace for acquiring and retaining customers in a digital world?

· From token sales to digital wallets to smart contracts, how will bits, blocks, coins and ledgers continue to shape the future of money?

· What are the approaches and technologies that will help us to balance consumer protection with disruptive innovation in financial services?

· How can we help power a fairer and more inclusive global financial system?

· Who will be the biggest winners — and who could get left behind — as fintech crosses geographical borders and new global hubs emerge?

· How and when will we finally solve for this most fundamental requirement — to securely authenticate that an individual has permission to complete a specific transaction?

· Only the most transformative ideas live here — are you ready for the money revolution?

· What revolutionary things are the movers and shakers doing to disrupt banking, payments and finance?

· The most revolutionary startups will make their pitch, but who will reach the finals?


Participation in such high-impact networking event will let Cashaa grasp further ideas in making its vision of digitalizing the banking sector more profound. For details over CAS tokens and to buy it for better returns, visit here

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