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  /  Sept-18   /  Cashaa August 2018 Wrap-Up!

Cashaa August 2018 Wrap-Up!

Cashaa August 2018 Wrap-Up!

Dear Cashaa Family,

It’s been more than two years since we entered the blockchain industry with a vision to digitalize the banking infrastructure. Let’s have a look over the initiatives taken in the month of August 2018!

CAS Token Updates

From 8 August, we distributed our monthly PoS tokens: 7777 Addresses who have been allocated a maximum PoS bonus of 231,026,480.9 CAS based on a stake of 321,168,948.9 CAS have received their monthly installment of 31,848,139.17 CAS. Details can be found HERE.

Product & Partnership Updates

We have now completed our 3rd sprint — to date, the following sprints were completed in the recent weeks:

  • Sprint Apple: UX for onboarding process and dashboard; integration in JHipster framework; KYC verification on mobile and web; CashaaPay for BTC (enables to receive confirmation from the blockchain and post it into the Cashaa platform; create BTC addresses, send and receive BTC payments) and ERC20 (same for ERC20 tokens)
  • Sprint Blueberry: Individual onboarding, deposit crypto
  • Sprint Cherry: Business-pre-ICO-onboarding

All the sprints were followed by a demo to the board and leadership team to include their feedback.

Concerning banking partnerships, we have completed our applications and received the commercials for 2 potential partners, and are now in the process of evaluating and including them in our business plan to be able to make the final decision.

We have also signed up a new KYC vendor which has a wider coverage which better suits the needs of our future customers, the ICO companies.

For more updates on our product development, check our Cashaa Videos section below, with our new format of regular update videos from our team members.

Cashaa Team

On 9 August, Ms. Dhanashri Mukund Honrao, a competent and passionate professional with 21 years experience in owning Key HR functions like talent management, talent acquisition, talent retention, employee engagement, workforce planning & training, employee policy drafting and implementation, payroll & benefits management, performance appraisal, process planning and execution joined us as VP Human Resources!

For our video with her first insights, see HERE.


On 4 August, Kumar Gaurav discussed “Banks — Future of Payments with Cryptocurrencies” at one of the most anticipated blockchain events of 2018, International Blockchain Congress Hyderabad. Besides Kumar, international renowned blockchain experts, as well as numerous Indian government representatives, shared their views at this conference which was co-organized by NITI Aayog, Government of Telangana, Government of Goa together with Nucleus. Vision.

Kumar’s speech can be watched HERE.

On 23 August, our VP Sales Simo Mcunu presented our business features at Blockolony London, a global hub for the blockchain community that invites professionals to share and discuss opportunities around blockchain technology.

On 31 August, Kumar presented our “Banking Solution for Crypto Industry” at the 3rd edition of Block Hedge Asia held at Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok, Thailand. Further, it was carried forward by keynote speakers from SEC Thailand, Siemens, our partner Infotech Hub, as well as from leading blockchain companies.

For more information on our events, visit

Cashaa Videos

Meet the Cashaa Product Leadership Team!

Kumar addressing Cashaa Community

Cashaa Admin & Leadership Team

The Cashaa Leadership Team — Insights from our VP HR, Dhanashri Honrao

Cashaa Technology Update with Amjad Raza Khan, Co-Founder & VP Technology

For more videos, visit our Youtube Channel.


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Great things ahead!


Cashaa Team

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