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  /  News   /  Cashaa Banking is Going Live, CAS Becomes a Preferred Funding Token for ICOs

Cashaa Banking is Going Live, CAS Becomes a Preferred Funding Token for ICOs

As Cashaa Banking is Going Live, CAS Becomes a Preferred Funding Token for ICOs


Cashaa, a nextgen banking platform, conducted a highly successful Token Sale to solve the problems for individuals and businesses related to banking. Among its customers are the coming generation of businesses who are conducting ICOs and Token Sales themselves.

Cashaa’s compliant Token Sale and strict policy resulted in the rejection of more than 14 Million USD which set an outstanding example in the industry. Cashaa’s clean and audited source of funds is standing out in front of regulators and is helping Cashaa to acquire regulatory permission to realize its vision of a new generation banking system.

Cashaa is targeting the companies who want to follow strict KYC and AML guidelines during and after their token sale. Cashaa’s compliance API can be embedded by businesses to solve the AML and KYC issues in minutes and allows thousands of other verified individuals to participate in their ICO with a single click. Any entity which follows the regulations and compliance standards set by Cashaa will get a business banking facility. Furthermore, bank accounts will also be available to community members of these businesses, enabling them to seamlessly manage crypto and fiat currency.

Bubblo’s token sale is the first token sale who realised the potential of CAS and decided to accept CAS tokens for its banking utility during its upcoming token sale. Bubblo is an AI based discovery App powered by IBM Watson’s supercomputer. Bubblo has already partnered with illustrious names such as Airbnb, Uber, Fox Studios and EROS International and raised 6.2 Million USD out of its 20 Million USD hard cap, nearly reaching their soft cap of 8 Million USD before the presale starting on 25th July 2018.

Bubblo enables its users to discover, review and pay food, beverage and retail venues in a decentralised way. Venues can be filtered by price, type, cuisine etc., including live videos and photos available within the BubbloApp, giving visitors a feel of the venue before they visit.

CAS token will be used as a payment method to reward users in participating and providing data through venues. CAS can also be used by businesses to pay their suppliers and by any related company to pay for advertisement in the BubbloApp.

To know more about Cashaa visit and to join Bubblo token sale visit

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