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  /  Aug-18   /  Cashaa July 2018 Wrap-Up!

Cashaa July 2018 Wrap-Up!

Cashaa July 2018 Wrap-Up!

Dear Cashaa Family,

Another great month passed with new achievements, our regulator friendly approach is helping CAS token to become a key for regulated banking platform. — let’s get to know Cashaa’s progress over the past weeks!

CAS Token Updates

From June 8 on, we distributed the monthly PoS tokens to the existing CAS holders:

7995 addresses which have a stake of 351,776,879.1 CAS who have been allocated a maximum PoS bonus of 223,059,099 CAS received their monthly installment of 31,863,418.13 CAS. Details can be found HERE.

Crypto Businesses are realizing the importance of CAS token after we gave its detailed utility. This resulted in three ICOs in July who started accepting CAS token in their ICO.

Following the partnership announcement with Times Group-backed discovery app Bubblo on 13 July, 2 more token sales, Stellargold and KitTokenannounced on 22 July that they’ll be accepting CAS tokens. Soon we can see a plethora of ICOs that will start using the CAS token in their ICO to get access to the banking system through Cashaa. Crypto businesses based in Europe and UK who can satisfy our compliance policies will get an IBAN (international bank account) through Cashaa.

Concerning exchange listings, we had 2 great news this month: On July 2, CAS got listed on CoinExMarket, which is a worldwide cryptocurrency and token trading platform. This allowed traders to exchange CAS against BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, XRP, OMG, TRON, BCH, and USDT, adding the greatest variety of pairs so far.

Furthermore, on 30 July, Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange-platform, TopBTC listed CAS for trading against ETH. It offers trading services via API / Web trading platform with zero withdrawal and deposit fees.

Furthermore, on 31 July we had a successful meeting with OEX in our Mumbai office, which agreed to list us in August.

Aside exchanges, CAS tokens on 11 July also got listed on Singapore based e-commerce site, MegaXstore, which has over 200 brands and a wide range of over 20,000 products and over 25,000 customers, and listed CAS tokens as one of the modes of payments, following a voting competition which we won with 80 % thanks to the votes of our community — again, many thanks for that!

Thus, it’s predictable that CAS is going to gain more popularity in near future. So far, it has already made its way to major exchange sites, medical sector, e-commerce sector, food industry and very soon it is expected to make a greater impact in some more potential areas.

To see our current list of exchanges, visit HERE.

Product Updates

The above named ICOs accepting CAS shows a major step for Cashaa as it also means ICO companies welcoming and lining up for our new features, which we announced on our new website — Cashaa will launch a hybrid banking service, enabling to seamlessly manage crypto and fiat, offering ICO companies and other businesses in the crypto sphere highly sought-after business banking facilities, which will be our new focus, in addition to our previously announced services for individuals.

Our new website also includes a careers section — if you are interested in joining us, please check HERE — we are looking forward to hearing from you!

As announced before, any token sale looking to meet compliance requirements according to banking standards will also be able to use our API to embed Cashaa compliance policies. To improve the processes while maintaining our high standards, we are now in process of adding more providers in addition to our existing one.

The technology team has presented its first sprint (Apple) to the leadership team, including the onboarding process’ UX and its integration into the JHipster application framework, the KYC verification on mobile app and web, as well as the Bitcoin and ERC 20 payment modules which will be used in the Cashaa banking application.

Now the team is working on the second sprint (Blueberry), including onboarding of individuals and crypto deposits, and started planning the third sprint (Cherry) for onboarding businesses and transferring crypto.


Our legal team has completed and submitted the applications for two EMI partners, one of which already gave an in-principle go-ahead and started the formal onboarding process.

The application for the 3rd potential banking partner, as well as for the FCA license (Financial Conduct Authority, UK), is in progress.

On July 5, we announced our partnership with Dental Konnect, a technology-driven firm focused over using AI for predicting one’s oral health, which is now looking at blockchain applications in the health sector and has started to accept CAS tokens.

On July 20, we have announced the African Payments Alliance, led by Simo Mcunu, VP Sales (Africa), in which we are bringing together African financial services companies to have a financial blockchain consortium in Africa, which will help all members involved to use each other’s capabilities and solve the ground reality of Africa for financial inclusion by creating a synergy between our services and our partners’ local knowledge and experience.


On July 11, Kumar Gaurav, Founder & CEO of Cashaa, discussed “What can be replaced by blockchain technology?” at FICCI Blockchain Innovation Summit, New Delhi,

Together with representatives from PwC, Government of West Bengal, Government of Uttar Pradesh, XINFIN, Ayushman Bharath, Standard Chartered Bank, and KPMG, among others.

On that occasion, we also organized a community meetup in New Delhi, where our wonderful local community members had the chance to learn all the latest directly from Kumar.

Kumar was also invited as VIP guest to one of the annual flagship event of the Entrepreneur India and Asia Pacific’s Annual Convention, Entrepreneur 2018, 17 July, New Delhi, focused over bringing emerging business tycoons under one roof and share their business practices to create sustainable enterprises; fellow VIP guests including Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister & Cabinet Minister of Delhi as well as representatives from HSBC IndiaGovernment of Telangana, among others.

Now, Kumar has headed to Hyderabad to speak at one of the most anticipated blockchain events of the year 2018, International Blockchain Congress Hyderabad, 4 August, 4.40–5.10 pm, about “Banks — Future of Payments with Cryptocurrencies”. This conference packed with international renowned blockchain expert speakers as well as with numerous Indian government representatives is co-organized by NITI Aayog, Government of Telangana, Government of Goa together with Nucleus. Vision.

For more information on our events, visit

Awards and Recognitions

On July 12, Cashaa has been nominated for the 10th BBVA Open Talent Awards 2018 in the category “Fintech for People”. BBVA Open Talent is the biggest Fintech competition in the world, organised by the second-largest Spanish bank. The final awards ceremony for the same will held on 16–17 October at the BBVA Open Summit at Madrid, Spain.

Many thanks for our community’s great efforts in getting us nominated in such a high profile event!


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We are looking forward to more such valuable contributions and are open to any suggestions, please contact

Further, if you have any ideas for further improvement discuss in our Telegram group

Onwards & Upwards!


Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform for The Next Billion


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