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  /  Jun-18   /  Cashaa May 2018 Wrapup

Cashaa May 2018 Wrapup

Cashaa May 2018 Wrapup

Dear Cashaa Family,

The days have gone by quickly and it’s now time for another monthly update.

May has been very fruitful for Cashaa and we have exciting news and accomplishments to share with you.

CAS Token Updates

1. In May, our token distribution process came to an end, setting industry standards by rejecting US$14.77 million out of US$33 million offered due to our strict internal anti-money laundering and know-your-customer policies.

2. We locked 365 Million CAS as per our white paper. Locked tokens for the next 3 years will be unlocked gradually every year on 5th March.

3. One announcement this month has clearly received the most attention and enthusiasm in our community — the token distribution of the 192 Million CAS tokens which were made available to the community as a result of unsold tokens and KYC failures from the ICO.

Any CAS token holders who are able to prove their current stake will be awarded tokens in the ratio of 0.7 CAS for each 1 CAS present in their ERC 20 address based on the CAS balance reflected there on the 5th of June at 12 noon BST.

For more information, visit our FAQ.

4. With this announcement resulting in a huge demand for CAS, we have facilitated users to increase their stake by getting CAS listed on 2 more exchanges:, one of the global top exchanges by volume in Coinmarketcap, allows users many fiat currency deposits and trading pairs. Overall, users can deposit more than 14 different currencies to buy CAS and trade in direct pairs between USD/CAS, ETH/CAS, BTC/CAS.

Koinok is an Indian exchange where CAS can be bought with INR. This is especially significant for us as India is our largest key market and one of the top priority countries where our banking wallet will be launched.

The CAS token price has moved from roughly 0.034 USD last month to a peak of 0.09 USD, a total growth of over 235%! Our Coinmarketcap ranking moved up to 293, and our 24-hour volume increased by over 35 times. For a while, we even dominated the top growth charts in all categories.

Product Updates

Already being ranked among the world’s Top 100 Blockchain Companies, we have advanced further towards becoming also one of the most impactful financial companies, solving the problems of billions of people worldwide:

Launch of Cashaa OTC: We have launched our OTC exchange, enabling users to buy CAS tokens with BTC and ETH with 0 withdrawal fees.

Our Team has grown to 28; including professionals from Top Banks who have joined Cashaa from HSBC, Barclays, Bank Of America, JP Morgan Chase, BNP Paribas, American Express as well as from large Indian banks like ICICI and Axis.

Partnership Updates

Cashaa’s new strategic partnership provides partners with a global payment capability through its wallet integration:

1. Boon Tech a blockchain based freelance marketplace

2. Populous World (PPT Token) business invoicing platform, with a market cap of 456.95 Million USD.


1. May was the month of Blockchain Week in New York when our Founder and CEO Kumar Gaurav participated in a panel discussion on “Decentralising the world with ethical blockchain” at Blockchain (R)evolution New York.

2. In the following week, he shared his expertise on the “Do`s and Don’ts of a successful token sale in 2018” at the ICO Meetup London, 21 May 2018.

3. Furthermore, on 31 May, our VP of Sales (Africa), Simo Mcunu, presented a 2-year review of our achievements so far at the London New Tech Reunion Meetup.

For our upcoming events, visit

Community Initiatives

1. Cashaa is now rewarding its most active supporters with a Telegram Bounty Programme, rewarding community members with a total of 12,000 CAS every month. 3 active members will be selected to receive 4,000 CAS each.

2. We also started the Cashaa Knights bounty programme and brought onboard Cashaa enthusiasts, Youtubers, and social media experts to help spread the word, check HERE for more details.

Videos and Interviews Conducted in May live interview with Kumar Gaurav

The Do`s and Don`ts of a successful token sale, ICO Meetup London

KCN News Interview with Kumar Gaurav

Business on Blockchain Interview with Kumar Gaurav — How to succeed in Entrepreneurship

Partnership Interview Cashaa & Boon Tech

Community Articles

We would also like to thank our community for having written the following great articles, and many more:

Cashaa — A Company that cares for its Community

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Connecting the dots between Indian Government and Cashaa’s growth

Blockchain based company could be India`s first giant Fintech leader

Cashaa: Unchaining the banking potential with blockchain

Undoubtedly, further great news and remarkable achievements are waiting for us!

We thank our Cashaa Community for all your support!

If you want to stay up-to-date on a daily basis with the latest Cashaa news, please join our Telegram community:


Team Cashaa
The Next Generation Banking Platform for The Next Billion

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