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  /  Sept-18   /  Cashaa September 2018 Wrap-Up!

Cashaa September 2018 Wrap-Up!

Cashaa September 2018 Wrap-Up!

Dear Cashaa Family,

We know many of you are eagerly awaiting updates on the various areas — some key items have been ongoingly progressing in the background — here are the latest updates on all you need to know for the month of September!

CAS Token Updates

From 8 September on, we distributed our monthly PoS tokens: 7743 Addresses who have been allocated a maximum PoS bonus of 223,582,085.74 CAS based on a stake of 319,589,127.37CAS have received their monthly installment of 31,699,293.2 CAS. Details can be found here.

Product/Partnership Updates

Cashaa understands the core problems which the blockchain industry is facing, so far more than 750+ individuals and 40+ businesses have requested to get a Cashaa current account — a big thank you for your patience, while our team is working hard on advancing with the product — here are our achievements this month:

1. The team has completed the development of individual and business users panel.

2. The team is currently engaged with the development of the customer care portal and ongoing KYC, transaction monitoring through national currencies as well as crypto transactions for AML through Cashaa accounts.

3. Coding standards are continuously monitored before moving to a QA environment for testing to ensure we are following the industry’s best practices.

4. Wireframe for the token usage screen and admin portals are under development process.

On the licensing side, we had further advanced discussions with the regulated institutions for the current account to push the GBP accounts maintained in the UK which will be regulated by FCA, London. This will create a higher level of trust among businesses all over the world to keep billions of dollars with Cashaa while keeping the relationship in Lithuania, Slovenia and other EU countries institution as a backup. The entire product team is spending ample time for doing documentation and its implementation related to compliance, data security, privacy, and funds security.

For more details, also check our video updates:

Technology Updates with our Co-Founder & VP Technology, Amjad Raza Khan

Product Updates with our Product Head Archit Agrawal

Impressions from our last Leadership Meeting of the month, 25 September 2018

Team Updates

Thanks to our VP of HR Dhanashri (Click here to know more about her), whose timely planning of recruitment is helping Cashaa to acquire the right resources on time. As we are progressing towards launching our product, we welcomed the QA and Test Lead Nilesh Singh who joined Cashaa to automate the test cases and build our in-house robust testing team. Right now he is busy taking inputs from dev and business team, he will be introduced to the community next week.

From October, Cashaa is now self-capable, starting from business requirement gathering, QA, and has all the development capabilities in-house, all the consultants or third party companies have been released in September. All consultants were transferred and given permanent employee status who helped to build initial parts of the platform.

Community Updates

In addition to the PoS tokens mentioned above, we also distributed 160,000 CAS that were awarded to the members of our Cashaa Knights bounty programme, as well as 22,000 CAS that were released to our community members of the week.


On September 13, Kumar Gaurav discussed “How ICOs are revolutionizing start-up funding” at Blockchain World Summit, one of the largest blockchain events in the B2B and B2C space with over 3000+ attendees, 30+ exhibitors, 50+ speakers, and 10000+ live streamed global audience. For the video including the panel participation, see here.

On September 27, Kumar Gaurav was invited by YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) to address its members over “Blockchain Implications on Business” at Galle Face Hotel, Colombo (Sri Lanka). YPO is a premier organization for chief executives all over the world, including more than 25,000 members in more than 130 countries, diversified among industries and types of businesses. The average revenue per YPO member company as of 2016 was $41 million USD.

For more information on our events, visit

Cashaa in the Media:

Satoshi Nakamoto Blog: Next Generation Banking Platform — Exclusive Interview with Kumar Gaurav Cashaa includes crypto-backed Lending in its “Next Generation Banking Platform” CAS: When a Utility Token Actually delivers greater Utility and Functionality

Community Articles in September:

Overall, 45 articles were made live for our community, the best ones listed here:

Cryptocurrency Basics — Distributed Ledger Technology

Cryptocurrency Price Predictions

Cashaa Wallet: Go cashless!

Time has come to ditch Paypal and start using Cashaa

One year into Cryptocurrency

What’s going on with the ICOs? Where have they all gone?

We are always looking forward to more such valuable contributions and are open for any suggestions, please contact

Further, if you have any ideas for further improvement discuss in our Telegram group

Onwards & Upwards!


Cashaa Team

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