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Cashaa Wallet: Go Cashless!

Cashaa Wallet: Go Cashless!

One of the major problems that one faces who love travelling are how to manage their funds? It becomes very hectic for travel buffs to spend, store and exchange the currencies. Looking over this issue seriously blockchain giant, Cashaa decided to introduce such a framework that would allow travellers to have a hassle-free experience while spending anywhere over the globe.

    It is going to introduce a digital wallet system by October 2018 that would allow its users to store, save, spend, receive, borrow and get insured with local currencies and cryptocurrencies promising a safe and simplified end-user experience that would allow its users to control and secure their funds.

    Unique in its concept, Cashaa facilitates easy transfer of money across the borders quickly that too at a very low fee. Cashaa’s industry-leading technology platform powered by Cashaa’s traders’ network can protect user’s money and offer the best foreign exchange rates every time when user will utilize Cashaa.

Why there is a need of having a Cashaa wallet?

1. Serve the entire population

Cashaa is meant for both of the groups of users being it bank service seekers or unbanked people. As per Cashaa around 2.5 billion people worldwide are unbanked, while a further 1 billion are underbanked. Thus, Cashaa aims to create a platform “which can serve the entire population.”

2. Better Banking Features

Each one of us is looking for cheaper yet the best banking methods that allows successful transactions at a very low price. So, Cashaa is the option that knows the fact that the most obvious benefits of Cryptocurrency is that it’s easy to transfer worldwide with minimal exchange rate costs.

3. Enjoy lower foreign exchange rates

In addition to it, Cashaa’s platform is powered by forex trading technology that lets its users enjoy lower foreign exchange rates in comparison to the rates that they would get from traditional banking providers.

4. Community with an Open API:

Developing next-generation DAPP to counter-attack the world’s biggest financial challenges Cashaa’s SDK and open API with integrated biometric and artificial intelligence services will boost the growth of the digital innovation.

5. Invest in a diversified portfolio across international borders

Another thing to worth note is that Cashaa allows investors to participate in a global economy. Cashaa’s members can invest in a diversified portfolio across international borders. One may pick whichever digital token one like and transact in a seamless, low-cost way.


Summing up to these aspects it can be inferred that leading blockchain firm, Cashaa is all set to introduce its very effective and much-awaited framework called “Cashaa Wallet” and cards by October 2018 that will let its users use coins as liquid as cash. Like other Cryptocurrency financial institutions, it would allow one to spend their cryptocurrencies anywhere.

This mobile wallet is designed to serve the purpose of a multi-currency wallet allowing users to get instant balance updates, make transactions, or setup intelligent notifications.

Therefore, travel buffs may plan their trip without worrying about their fund management!

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