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  /  News   /  KPMG selects Cashaa among the Emerging 50 Rising Stars as part of its Fintech100!

KPMG selects Cashaa among the Emerging 50 Rising Stars as part of its Fintech100!

KPMG selects Cashaa among the Emerging 50 Rising Stars as part of its Fintech100!

Dear Cashaa Family,

We are honored to announce that Cashaa has been selected as one of the Emerging 50 Rising Stars as part of the Fintech100 list for 2018 by KPMG and H2 Ventures.

Fintech100 follows a rigorous screening process to bring up the best performers from all over the globe. We were shortlisted after extensive global research and analysis based on data across a range of dimensions, including the following five parameters:

  • Average annual capital raised
  • Rate of recent capital raising
  • Geographic diversity
  • Sectoral diversity
  • X-factor: degree of product, service and business model innovation

Some of the identified trends and highlights are ICOs, neo- and challenger banks, and fintechs as the internet giants of the future, categories which Cashaa is combining and targeting in its unique way. To know more see here.

The fifth edition of Fintech100 aims to bring up the top-notch innovative companies, creating products and services at the juncture of technology and financial services. This year, the Top 100 Fintech companies include 215 founders from 36 countries, who have been successful in raising over US$ 52B in venture capital and are set to disrupt the existing processes and products in the global market.

The Fintech100 is divided further into following two sublists:

  1. The ‘Top 50’ established fintech firms around the globe, which are ranked based on innovation, capital raising activity, size, and country.
  2. The ‘Emerging 50’ firms, which are newer companies that are at the forefront of innovative technologies and practices. We are proud to be selected among these future leaders.

We are thankful to the judging panel for appreciating our efforts in revolutionizing the banking framework. This achievement inspires us to work with more diligence and bring a better bank for people.

Further, we extend our gratitude to the community members for their valuable contribution in boosting our morale and enabling us to achieve pinnacles of success.

For our full upcoming events calendar, please visit here

For any queries and ideas, reach us at

Best Regards,

Team Cashaa


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