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CAshaa Smart Invest in CAS

Make a smarter choice: Invest in CAS!

Make a smarter choice: Invest in CAS!

The onset of digital currency in the global economy has given rise to an entirely new mode of trading, called “Crypto-trading”! As per a survey, in the year 2017 alone, the total value of all cryptocurrencies grew up by 3300% to over $600 billion, with Bitcoin, being the first crypto jumping more than 1300% over the course of 12 months.

Besides Bitcoin gaining huge popularity globally, some other Cryptos like ripple, ethereum, CAS, etc were successful in establishing themselves over the leading exchanges. Among these ERC-20 token CAS launched by Blockchain giant, Cashaa has been gaining immense popularity worldwide!


Success of Cashaa’s ICO held in months of November and December 2017 where It successfully sold $18.5 Million worth of tokens engaging over 50,881 users across the globe while following the strict KYC and regulatory compliance rejecting about $14.34 Million USD from the unqualified applicants.

This ICO campaign marked a token sale of about 51 percent of the 1,000,000,000 tokens available. Cashaa was thus successful in selling 510 million tokens for $0.10 apiece in its token sale (which includes both the pre-sale and the public crowd sale) and made it possible to raise a hard cap of 32 Million USD.

This campaign depicts the popularity gained by CAS token across the globe!


One might be pondering over the fact that major Cryptocurrencies are depreciating in their monetary value! Then why one should invest in CAS? Let’s understand the reason, why investing in CAS will be a smarter choice!

· Credit score for lenders

CAS holders enjoy the privilege of lending CAS token to the needy and set a rate of interest of their choice.

This provision lets users have better use and control of their monetary deposits.

· Shop Cashless

The e-commerce market is growing at a very fast rate and it is amongst the top contributor in the global economy. The collaboration between Cashaa and Singapore based e-commerce site, MegaXstore now accepts CAS tokens as one mode of payments.

· Reforms in Medical Bills

Recently, Cashaa went into partnership with Dental Konnect thereby, allowing usage of CAS tokens in exchange of the services one receives at all Dental Konnect clinics.

· Long-term investment

Presently, 1 unit of CAS token is priced at 0.012782 USD, this price was $ 0.118221 USD in March 2018 although this deprecating price may seem to discourage, But this depreciating price is not only observed with CAS tokens, all major Cryptos like Ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash and ripple have shown a fall in price. One of the reasons behind this fall in price has been estimated that it is due to “Panic selling” where investors are withdrawing their money at a much faster rate as compared to the rate of buying Cryptos.

CAS price trend

But, saying the markets are “down” will be unfair because it’s a relative term! One must think about several questions that come into consideration like “Down from what?” From what it was or what it “should” be? And if it’s down from where it “should” be, what is the correct price?

Thus, investing in CAS at this price seems to be a very smart choice! Very soon it will show a remarkable rise and will let its holder make huge profits!

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